Questo è il sito della 5gg del Carso 2016, manifestazione di orienteering svolta a Trieste nel settembre 2016.
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Alpe Adria regional teams

The races that contribute Alpe Adria points are the Middle of 23 Settember (MW 16, MW 18, MW Elite, MW 35), the Long of 24 Settember (MW 16, MW18, MW21, MW35) and the Relay (MW Senior) of 25 Settember. These entries must be sent to ti.os1716559406racfo1716559406syad51716559406@seir1716559406tne1716559406 by Monday 12 Settember filling in the form AA Teams ( There is no charge for these entries (including free overnight accommodation for the nights between the 23rd and 24th and between the 24th and 25th of Settember). There will be a charge for rental of SportIdent chip if needed.
There is a maximum number of entries in each category for each Alpe Adria Team:

M 16W 16M 18W 18M 21W 21M 35W 35
Long e Middle (n. atleti)22224322
Staffetta (n. squadre da 3 atleti)22

The Relay is also an Italian Championship event, but clubs are reminded that mixed regional teams composed of runners from different clubs, valid as regional entries for the Alpe Adria Cup, are not valid as Italian Championship entries.

Italian orienteering clubs

Via the Fiso website ( by Monday 12 September for all the events in the programme. For the events of Saturday 24 and Sunday 25 only (Italian Championships Long and Relay) entries will remain open until Friday 16 September. After that date it will no longer be possible to enter.
NB: in order to enter the Elite Category World Ranking Events it is necessary to insert the athlete’s WRE ID in the personal information (anagrafica) on the FISO website.
In case of problems you can write to ti.os1716559406racfo1716559406syad51716559406@seir1716559406tne1716559406.
Direct links to the Entries page of the FISO website: 21 September22 September23 September24 September morning24 September afternoon25 September

WRE Italian Elite athlets

By means of the Fiso website ( the WRE ID is required in the personal information of all these runners.

Foreign clubs entries

By Monday 12 September via Orienteering Online ( following the instructions given by the system. After that date it will not be possible to enter.
In case of problems you can write to ti.os1716559406racfo1716559406syad51716559406@seir1716559406tne1716559406.
Direct link to the relevant OrienteeringOnline page: all competitions

WRE non-Italian Elite athlets

For the WRE via Eventor (; for the other races as indicated above.
In case of problems you can write to ti.os1716559406racfo1716559406syad51716559406@seir1716559406tne1716559406.
Direct links to the Eventor entries pages: 23 September24 September morning

Entries on the day

On the day of the race it will be possible to enter only the categories BEGINNERS and DIRECT. For other information and for advance entries in these categories (before Monday 12 September 2016) it is possible to write to ti.os1716559406racfo1716559406syad51716559406@seir1716559406tne1716559406.


Categories vary from race to race. Categories with superscript “A” are valid for the Alpe Adria ranking, while those with “W” are WRE races.
MW Elite corrisponds to categories MW 21.

1st – 2nd – 5th legs: MW 10, MW 12, MW 14, MW 16, MW 18, MW 20, MW Elite, MW A, MW B, MW C, MW 35, MW 40, MW 45, MW 50, MW 55, MW 60, MW 65, MW 70, Beginners, Direct
3rd – 4th legs: MW 10, MW 12, MW 14, MW 16A, MW 18A, MW 20, MW EliteAW, MW A, MW B, MW C, MW 35A, MW 40, MW 45, MW 50, MW 55, MW 60, MW 65, MW 70, Beginners, Direct
6th leg: MW 13, MW 17, MW 20, MW SENIORA, MW AK, MW 35, MW 45, MW 55, MW OPEN, Direct, Beginners

Entry fees and payment

LegMW10, MW12, MW13, MW14, MW16, Beginners, DirectAll others categories
Duino (21/9)5,00€7,00€
Monte Grisa (22/9)5,00€7,00€
Gropada (23/9)5,00€12,00€
Sgonico (24/9)5,00€12,00€
Gradisca (24/9)5,00€7,00€
Sgonico (25/9)5,00€12,00€

The SportIdent SI-card can be rented for the six races for €7, while the rental fee for a single race is €1.50. A refundable deposit of €40 per SI-card will be charged, to be refunded on return of the chip.

Entries to the complete series of 6 events will be subject to a discount, depending on the date by which the entries are received.

DeadlineMW10, MW12, MW14, MW16, Beginners, DirectAll others categories

Reduced entry fees are available only if the entry is paid in advance by the relevant deadline (for example a runner who registers before June 30th but did not make the payment by that date will not enjoy the discount provided and will have to pay full fee).
Payment methods that will be accepted:

In the event office

It will be possible to pay at the event office on the days of the events.

Bank transfer

Payment by bank transfer to the account indicated:

Bank: BANCA POPOLARE DI CIVIDALE (filiale di Maniago – UD)
IBAN: IT07J0548464890070570421539

As Reason for Payment please indicate:
- for runners belonging to Italian clubs the name and FISO code of the club;
- for runners belonging to foreign clubs the code assigned by the OrienteeringOnline website;
- for runners entering via Eventor the name and ID of the club (Organisation ID).
A copy of the transfer receipt must be sent by email to: ti.os1716559406racfo1716559406syad51716559406@seir1716559406tne1716559406 with an indication of the runners whose entry fee is being paid and the name of the club.

Paypal and Credit Card

It is possiple to pay by credit card or Paypal acount via this page of the website.
A surcharge of 3.6% is requested for payments made by this method. Use the form provided below.
For "payment code" insert the code provided by or, if the entries were made via the FISO website, your FISO club code.

Payment code
Amount EUR

More information (optional):