Questo è il sito della 5gg del Carso 2016, manifestazione di orienteering svolta a Trieste nel settembre 2016.
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It will be made a “Cumulative Results” of all 5 days’ races (excluded relay)!

Classifica-Italia-Footgolf.pngDuring the first five races of the 5gg del Carso we will publish “Cumulative Results” based of the total times in that races (Villaggio del Pescatore on 21/09, Monte Grisa on 22/09, Padriciano Gropada on 23/09, Sgonico on 24/09 and Gradisca on 24/09).
It will be necessary to have taken part in all 5 events in the same category in order to be listed. Those who do not finish correctly (i.e. PM, PE, FT, NP, etc) in one or more events will not qualify for the Cumulative Results.
Possible amalgamation of categories will not affect the “cumulative results“: each runner will be classified in the category for which he/she entered originally.

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