Questo è il sito della 5gg del Carso 2016, manifestazione di orienteering svolta a Trieste nel settembre 2016.
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La grotta gigante

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Some discoveries show that there was an occasional human presence already in prehistoric times in the gallery currently used as the tourist exit of Grotta Gigante. From that opening the first known exploration of the cavern began in 1840, in the hope of finding the Timavo River (which runs underground in that area) and thus to solve the urgent problem of the water shortages that plagued Trieste.
The first comprehensive exploration of the cave dates back to 1890. The first surveys were carried out seven years later, by the speleologist Giovanni Andrea Perko. Tourist access to the cave was the idea of the “Club Touristi Triestini”, to which we owe the discovery of the entrance still used by tourists.
Inside the cave could be set the whole Vatican St. Peter’s Basilica.
In the period of the 5 Days Grotta Gigante can be visited only in guided groups with departures every hour from the ticket office (10 – 11 – 12 – 13 – 14 – 15 – 16 – 17 – 18). The cost varies depending on the composition of the group. All information can be found on the Grotta Gigante website
Here is availabe a Groupon’s offer to buy some tickets to go in the cave “Gritta Gigante” in Sgonico: Limited offer (read condition on the Groupon’s website before buying tickts).

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