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Benvenuto nella mia raccolta di carte da orienteering!

Su questo sito, voglio pubblicare carte, percorsi e scelte di percorso delle gare di orienteering a cui ho partecipato.

2° round Italian Cup - Middle (07/04/2019)
Воскресенье 7 Апреля 2019
Категория: Gara
Valserena, Polisportiva Masi, Valserena - San Bene
Slow running but clean orienteering till control 7. bad plan and execution on leg 7-8, then i was very disappointed. Another big m...
3° round ITA Sprint Race Tour - WRE (06/04/2019)
Суббота 6 Апреля 2019
Категория: Gara
Castiglione dei Pepoli, Polisportiva Masi, Castiglione dei Pepo
Good feelings in my first national race of the year. Slow in map reading cause of poor map(eye) contact. Wrong routechoices to c...
3 Regions Cup 2019 - Day 1 (30/03/2019)
Суббота 30 Марта 2019
Категория: Gara
Crngrob, Škofjeloški orientacijski klub, Crngrob - Slovenija
Middle race, day 1 of the 2019 edition of 3 Regions Cup FVG-Karnten-SLO Good start without mistakes, just quite bad direction o...
Sprint training Rerun (21/03/2019)
Четверг 21 Марта 2019
Категория: Allenamento
Parco di San Giovanni, Trieste
FVG Middle (17/03/2019)
Воскресенье 17 Марта 2019
Категория: Gara
Campo Delta , SOM, Aviano
First race of the year. Chicken run (#tired eyes-norestraints) till control 6. No compass use means wrong direction. Good flow i...