Questo è il sito della 5gg del Carso 2016, manifestazione di orienteering svolta a Trieste nel settembre 2016.
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5 days of Carso
Additional race Middle

Wednesday 21st september 2016
Villaggio del Pescatore


Meeting point08:00
Opening race office08:00 - 12:00
First start10:00

Technical information

Race map: Duino. Scale 1:7.500 (1:5000 for Beginners, MW10 and MW12), contour interval 5 meters
Map maker: Mark Sylvester
Course planner: Andrea Foschian

Courses lenght

ClassLenght (m)Climb (m)Points
M 1013601510
M 1218902012
M 1425002015
M 1632606017
M 1846509520
M 2049609020
M Elite536011023
M A49609020
M B32606017
M C28103017
M 35488011025
M 40459010020
M 45459010020
M 5037207018
M 5533105018
M 6025804017
M 6520203513
M 7020203513
ClassLenght (m)Climb (m)Points
W 1013601510
W 1218902012
W 1425002015
W 1632805516
W 1833105018
W 20459010020
W Elite491011024
W A46509520
W B32805516
W C28103017
W 3537207018
W 4037207018
W 4525804017
W 5024303015
W 5524303015
W 6024303015
W 6518302511
W 7018302511
Note that Direct is medium technically difficult, similar to M16.

Punching system: SportIdent

Practical information

Kindergarten: kindergarten for this race is available on reservation (send a mail to ti.os1685936974racfo1685936974syad51685936974@ofni1685936974).

Meeting point: coordinates and driving directions
Parking 1: coordinates and driving directions
Parking 2: coordinates and driving directions
Parking 3: coordinates and driving directions
Parking 4: coordinates and driving directions
Bus parking: coordinates and driving directions